About Melanie Jai

Mixed Media Painter, Travel Photographer, Mum to the two most exquisite creatures ever created, one with ASD.

Melanie has painted for most of her life – but her art took on a whole new significance when her son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome – a higher functioning form of Autism.

Her painting transformed into a heartfelt, visual diary of the trials of daily life with an autistic child. Melanie’s art helped her understand and communicate in her son’s world.

Melanie hopes her collection of paintings will also inspire understanding, compassion and acceptance for those affected by mental health issues.

Where I Live

Melanie is based in Galston, a semi-rural suburb of Sydney, Australia.


Melanie Jai’s art was featured and nationally distributed via the Regional Arts Australia National Publication “Seeded”.


Through the Looking Glass – A Mother’s Journey with ASD

Queensland Arts Council toured this exhibition through Queensland and New South Wales.

Exhibitions manager Mia Kempel believes that by focusing on child-like subjects such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, puppets and dolls, the works evoke an imagined adventure trail of Melanie Jai’s son’s experiences.

‘By using a highly stylised portraiture, Melanie connects with the fairytale land of villains and heroes that her son so often retreats to,’ said Ms Kempel.

The tour was extended due to booking demand.