Melanie Jai

As a mixed media artist I employ an arsenal of materials in the creation of each large scale painting. From acrylic to shellac, paper, metal, wood, bitumen, to found objects, I am continuously using different materials to aid the story telling. I work on the easel, flat on a table, standing on it on the floor, anything to feel a part of it. It is a dance, this process of creation. Each piece carries such strong memories, like the chapter in a diary it speaks of my life.

This vehicle, my art, my writing, has given me purpose. To give hope to, change the ‘blame the victim’ mentality of, and raise awareness and understanding toward domestic violence and child abuse. I offer you my deepest darkest feelings, an insight as I continue to travel through this life long journey, determined to retain my heart and soul. Told the only way I can, artistically, lyrically, emotionally.

Domestic violence is an insidious acid, a crime with too many victims and very little justice. Having lived through every form of abuse there is, sometimes the weight bears so heavily I feel as if I may not survive it. If it were not for my art, if I did not have this vessel to work through the ups and downs, perhaps I wouldn’t.


by Murray Hugh Hartin

I met a girl a month ago,
She bowled right up and said hello,
Surrounded by this gorgeous face,
Right there took my breath away,
A bursting ball of energy,
This painter girl called Melanie,
And when it came to say goodnight,
This magic girl so full of life,
Mentioned corners in her mind,
Dark corners she can’t leave behind,
No love, no “Happily ever after”,
These words weren’t uttered drowned in tears,
She spoke with strength, no sign of fear,
In coming weeks I found out more,
And now, well I just stand in awe,
Bravest girl I ever met,
Sharing thoughts she can’t forget,
To offer light, break down the walls,
For those who think they’ve lost it all,

Believing there is no way out,
For them, our Mel, she screams and shouts,
And gives to them through prose and art,
A remedy for broken hearts,
So if you read her Facebook posts,
Absorb the paintings, see the ghosts,
The ghosts who haunt her troubled mind,
And think, ”Can’t she leave it all behind”,
“Surely she should move along”,
To dredge this up is simply wrong,
“Is she just chasing sympathy?’
“It’s all a bit too much for me.”
“I don’t think she’s thought this through.”
Well, a big FUCK OFF!! I say to you.
And if that word ‘FUCK’ offended you,
All I can say is “FUCK YOU, TOO”.
Four letters, just a word, no less,
But if you want to feel distressed,
Try words like “Rape” and “Molestation”,
“Abuse of trust” “Degradation”,
“Violence” “Bashings” “Worthless Whore”,
Had Enough? There’s plenty more,

Words that rip your world apart,
Steal your spirit, break your heart,
Trapped in a world without a door,
Well, this was Mel since she was four!
Mum and dad had no idea,
The secret kept for many years,
Now she lays it out for all to see,
She doesn’t crave your sympathy,
She shines the way for those still trapped,
In lives that are completely crap,
Those who walk towards the rope,
Mel gives these shattered people hope,
With no real plan of what to do,
She knocks down walls and walks straight through,
Guts and strength, she’s got them both,
As she hacks through the undergrowth,
Cuts down hatred, wipes out pain,
So the weak can see the sun again,
For a girl who’s rolled a lot of zeros,
To me she is a FUCKING HERO.